Cygwin: Bash Prompt Here

As I’ve already discussed it is quite easy to get yourself a nice little shell called Cygwin on Windows. Once you start using Cygwin it can be quite addictive, I can’t work on Windows without it. The biggest problem is that to get to any of your data outside of the home directory under Cygwin requires navigating through the sometimes unintuitive directory structure under Windows. Typically what happens is you locate the folder with the stuff you want to work on using the Windows explorer and then work your way to it again using Cygwin. This is a somewhat less than efficient use of your time.

Luckily Cygwin comes equipped with a little utility to help you out with this problem. It is called chere and make sure you install it when you install Cygwin. chere installs an entry in the context menu when you right click on directories named “Bash Prompt Here.” Selecting it will open a Cygwin shell with the current working directory set to the directory you right clicked on. To install it simply run this from Cygwin:

chere -i

For more information on chere run this from Cygwin:

man chere

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  1. foo Says:

    Thanks for the heads up, I have a similar context menu for a windows console.

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