Picking and Matching Colors the Easy Way

If you’re developing a game or creating a web site for your game (or even just painting a room) you will need to pick out a color scheme. If you are anything like me you are a bit of a color idiot when it comes to this activity. I have found a great took that takes all the guesswork out of picking colors and makes it easy enough even I can do it: Agave. Agave lets you pick a color and it will generate a color scheme of your choice based on that color. It can generate any of the following six types of color schemes:

Split Complements

For a brief description of just what each of those color schemes are hit up the Wikipedia entry for Color Wheel. Once I started using Agave to pick out my color schemes, people stopped complaining about my color choices every time I asked for feedback. One more tool to keep in the arsenal.

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