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Windows XP PowerToys: Open Command Window Here

Monday, October 29th, 2007

I discussed previously how to add an entry to the Windows context menu that would allow you to open a Cygwin bash shell with the current working directory set to the directory you clicked on. Someone commented on that entry that they have a similar entry for the Windows command prompt. I do as well (although it sees very little use compared to the Cygwin entry) and for those who work in Windows this is something of which they should be aware.

The tools is creatively titled “Open Command Window Here” and is one of the PowerToys for Windows XP from Microsoft. There are a lot of neat little tools in the PowerToys which probably should have been part of Windows XP from the beginning (in particular Tweak UI). If you’re working in Windows check out the PowerToys as they can make your life a little simpler.